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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Victorinox Swiss Army Swiss Champ Pocket Knife (Red) (Sports) newly tagged "1080p"

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134 of 138 people found the following review helpful: 5.0 out of 5 stars Great Tool, July 27, 2006 I'm glad to finally have the opportunity to praise the Swiss Champ multi-tool knife in a public forum. It seems like mine has served me reliably for almost 2 decades, mine has literally been around the world with me, and I usually have some use for it almost daily. The tools, for the most part, are practical and functional, though they are nicely compacted into a 3 1/2" package. I do have some "wishes" for improvements, but overall, I just love my Swiss Champ and can overlook the minor faults (I'll mention some later).

The most frequently used tools for me are the SCISSORS (great for anything from paper to personal grooming), the TWEEZERS, and the LARGE SCREWDRIVER/bottle opener (mostly for prying). The small set of PLIERS/wire cutters would seem to be of limited use, but they are made with such precise tolerances that they make excellent, hardy tweezers also. They are handy for gripping small things, bending metal with leverage, holding objects close to a flame, and untying those impossible little knots. One of the best functioning tools IMO is the little SAW! It seems to have a very aggressive and sharp tooth pattern, and will rapidly saw through wood and tree branches better than some full-size hand saws. The LARGE CLIP POINT KNIFE BLADE and the SMALL CLIP POINT KNIFE BLADE come with a scalpel-sharp factory sharpening (I'm not kidding... be very careful). Not enough space here to list all the uses that I've put the blades through over the years, but suffice it to say, it's a good, sharp, cutting instrument. I've never used the FISH SCALER for fish, but it also has a handy metric/english RULER on it, and, I have used the little HOOK DISGORGER prongs on the end as a sort of 2 tined fork! The little MAGNIFYING GLASS is really quite powerful (and replaces my separate field lenses), and on one occasion, I used it to start a fire when I had no matches. The MINI PEN comes in handy occasionally when you have no writing instrument available (and it works decently). Pen refills are inexpensive. Both the LEATHER AWL and the METAL SAW/FILE are useful for crafting and fabrication. When used in a twisting motion, the LEATHER AWL works very effectively in shaving out a perfectly round hole through leather. I have made and repaired clothes, shelter, and other tools with it. The CORKSCREW comes in handy (and works well) when needed, but more importantly, it stores the little MICRO-SCREWDRIVER in it's spiral whorls. There is a small STRAIGHT PIN hidden in the scales behind the corkscrew BTW, useful for splinter removal, magnetized to make a float compass, or in a pinch, to be bent into a fish hook. I use the MICRO-SCREWDRIVER on eyeglasses and small electronic devices, like watches. The CAN OPENER is functional, but you'll get tired of the repetitive motion required to open just one can. But when you're hungry, who cares. Right? I rarely use the PHILLIPS SCREWDRIVER or the plastic TOOTHPICK. I have never used the strange looking HOOK thingy(which I'm told is used to carry packages tied with string in Europe), nor the mini-CHISEL, but I know they are there!

If I had to mention the few minor shortcomings of the Swiss Champ, it would be, ironically, with the knife blades. I would merely wish that the MAIN BLADE was locking, a feature that Wenger incorporates, but not Victorinox. Also, the blades are just a tad bit tricky to deploy if you have big fingers or if you just trimmed your fingernails, so I wish it had a raised thumb knob or hole to ease opening. Finally, I thought that having the two clip point blades is redundant. I would wish that one of the blades (perhaps the large one) could be replaced with a blunt, serrated or semi-serrated sheep's foot blade (practical for quick rope cutting or rescue applications). I wish the LARGE SCREWDRIVER/bottle opener was locking also (as it tends to close on you when you are applying pressure to a screw or abusing it to pry something). Though it is not a criticism of the Swiss Champ, Victorinox has made even higher model upgrade Swiss knives (loaded with even more tools!) but I don't think they were vast practical improvements over the Swiss Champ. For example, on some newer models, the interchangeable screwdriver bits are neat, usually require separate carrying of the spare tips. Most of newest improvements involve modifications to the exterior scales (like adding a watch, a compass, USB flash drive, or an LED light). I personally don't like to rely solely on electronic devices that use expendable batteries, nor mix them with my hand tools (due to the ruggedness I require of tools, and chance of breakage for the electronics). And note: a compass does NOT function reliably in proximity to ferrous metal (like a Swiss Army Knife). My final wish is that the plain smooth scales be modified as a practical grip/resource also. My suggestions: 1) make the scales out of hardened checkered rubber for better grip, or some grippy knurled plastic. 2) emboss, engrave or cast some brief practical information on the scales, like the International Morse Alphabet 3) utilize the unused portions of the scales to store more items like small flints, a small magnet, an eyed sewing needle, or a small heliograph (like the one in the Swiss Champ SOS Kit).

I think that whether you are anything from an urban traveler to an outdoor survivalist, you will find that the Swiss Champ will serve you well for decades. There are a couple of multi-tools out there that I might recommend for some enhanced, higher-tech, tool qualities, but the Swiss Champ remains a durable, compact and useful workhorse. It remains one of my most valued possessions.

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76 of 84 people found the following review helpful: 4.0 out of 5 stars Get the one without a fish scaler., January 24, 2003 This knife has it all. Well at least one to many things. I.e. fish scaler. Skip this version and get the one without it. When scaling a fish the scales get into the knife and are hard to clean out. Also the plastic lens of the magnifier will scratch over time. The pliers are a bit on the light duty side but handy. On the other hand, having a hole in the leather awl is great as you can actually sew something! The eye glass screw driver works great. The file has teeth on the edge and will cut glass bottles or aluminum. The sizzors are the standard by which all other tool knife sizzors are judged. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews Was this review helpful to you? 

79 of 89 people found the following review helpful: 5.0 out of 5 stars 5 stars from a GIRL!, September 22, 2005 Ok, I know what you're thinking. I'm a girl with a large pocketknife...hmmm. But honestly, I love this thing. Now, I don't use it to saw wood or cut wire fences, but this is very useful for me to have. I don't use this as a "pocket" knife....more or less, it's a "purse" knife. It has gotten me out of quite a few jams in the year that I've owned it. It is always with me, and I'm thinking about buying another one to keep in my car for when I forget it. You never know when you may need this handy tool. It has everything you could possibly need, maybe a little more than I would need, but still, I love it. I also don't have many tools in my home, so when there's a small need for a screwdriver or a small pair of pliers, I just go to my swiss army knife, and it does the job.

Guys, get your girls one - to keep in their cars. They may laugh and think you're crazy for buying them a pocketknife, but what are they going to do if they are in a bind and you're not around with your knife?

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