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Saturday, December 17, 2011

How to Ace Your Way Through College and Still Have a Life! (Paperback) tagged "bestsellers" 6 times

College Success Coach David Kennedy shares his 101 most shameless secrets to massive academic success for non geeks. Kennedy, a recent magna cum laude graduate of the esteemed University of Missouri School of Journalism, shows you...

*How To Study Smarter, Not Harder!

*How To Get Thousands of Dollars of FREE Money for College!

*How to Become an ACE Test Taker

*How to DOUBLE Reading Speed and Comprehension

*How to Get A Grades on Writing Assignments

*Scientifically tested ways to quickly increase your IQ

*How to legally; get the answers to virtually any test ahead of time

*The 10 stupidest things students do to sabotage their own success (Do YOU do any of these dumb things!?)

*How to get your professors to give you the benefit of the doubt when grades come due

*And many, many more shameless secrets to college success!

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